Fedit V2 MFC-101 Editor

Fedit allows you to edit your Fractal Audio Systems MFC-101 dump files on your PC or Mac. Fedit supports all MFC-101 models running firmware 2.xx or later.
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Additional utilities in Fedit

Upgrade Sysex: Upgrades 2.xx format MFC-101 dump files to newer 2.xx, 3.xx, or even MKIII format.
FADumpChk: Validates sysex (.syx) dump files from the Axe-Fx and MFC-101 based on file size and header.
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MFC Labels: Create professional looking DIY labels
Fedit is provided free of charge. If you find this software useful please purchase a license key which helps support future development.
Version 2.254 adds full support for the just released MFC firmware 3.07 update!
Version 2.253 adds FADumpChk support for XL+ format .syx files